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Financial Information

  • The Association's fiscal year is January 1 - December 31.

  • All Lots in the Association are assessed the same amount for both regular and special assessments.

  • Some of the financial records and information listed in CCIOA Section 38-33.3-317 are either not reqired of the Association or are not available to the Association.  They are:

    • Receipts and Expenditures: This record is available to all Association Members upon request.  ​

    • Reserve Study: There is no reserve study and none is requiered of the Association.

    • Audits and Financial Rerviews: There have been no audits or financial reviews, and none are required of the Association.

    • Records of Unpaid Assessments:  There are no arrearages.

    • Current and Past Two Years' Service Contracts:  There are no service contracts.

    • Past Seven Years' Tax Returns: The Association has not filed a tax return in the last seven years.

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